Take Action this June for Men’s Health Month

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Awareness Month?

This is a month where we pay special attention to health issues that affect men such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, heart disease, and more. For 2018, the American Cancer Society has estimated that approximately 9,000 new cases of testicular cancer and 165,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in men.

Help raise awareness this June by learning about common medical issues that affect men. You can also take an active role in promoting men’s health in your own workplace or local community.

Here are three ways to help make a difference and raise awareness for Men’s Health Month.

Learn More About Men’s Health

The best way to raise awareness for men’s health is to start with yourself. Consulting with a doctor and receiving an annual physical to review your medical history and current health will help provide you with plenty of useful information that you can use to learn more about common health issues that affect men, their signs and symptoms, and preventative treatment measures for them.

Participate in Wear BLUE Day

Wear BLUE Day is held the Friday before Father’s Day. This year, Wear BLUE Day will take place on June 15. Participants are encouraged to raise awareness for men’s health by wearing an outfit that prominently features the color blue. Whether it’s a suit, shirt, dress, tie, or hat, showing support helps make a positive impact.

Get Proactive About Men’s Health

Men are encouraged to learn their family medical history and be proactive about preventative treatment. For example, if other men in your family have a history of cardiovascular health issues, you should consult with a doctor about ways to improve your heart health now.

Women are also encouraged to learn about prevalent men’s health issues and speak to their male family members about seeking treatment. Let your fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews and sons know that you care about them by taking an active interest in helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Be proactive about your health this June and visit one of our Immediate Care Medical Walk-In facilities in Brick, East Windsor, Edison, Hazlet, Lacey, Marlboro, Morganville, Red Bank, and Toms River, seven days a week with no appointment necessary for a physical. Check in online to save your space in line. We’ll alert you on your phone when your turn is approaching.

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