ALL Immediate Care locations will be OPEN 8AM – 3PM on Thanksgiving Day!

Top 5 Urgent Care Visits on Thanksgiving

1: Minor Cuts and Lacerations: Whether it is from peeling potatoes or carving the turkey, it’s easy to slip and cut yourself. Take care to pay extra careful attention around sharp tools and objects.

2: Burns: With so much activity in the kitchen, bumping a hot pot or grabbing a pan fresh from the oven without an oven mitt may happen. Burns can also occur from the splash of boiling water or the splatter or hot grease. If you or someone happen to get burned, put a cool compress on the injured area and head to one of Immediate Care’s nine locations to receive proper care and bandaging.

3: Food Poisoning: Cooking a turkey dinner for a large crowd is not done often, so it’s easy to undercook the meat. Be sure to use a meat thermometer and make sure your dish is cooked to the right temperature before serving to avoid any food-related illness.

4: Overeating: So many delicious items are served on one day, all at one meal, how can one not overindulge? However, eating too much and too fast can cause extreme heartburn, indigestion and/or acid reflux. These may be side effects of overeating or may be a warning of something more serious.

5: Sports Injuries/Overexertion: Thanksgiving and football are often found in the same sentence and newly popular Thanksgiving 5k races make it possible to run off that extra piece of pumpkin pie. Even with the best preparation, injuries can still arise. Participating in such events in the cold and/or after eating so much can result in pulled muscles, sprains or even fractures. All Immediate Care locations have x-ray available onsite for all injuries.

Visit your nearest Immediate Care on Thanksgiving if you have an unexpected injury or illness to get back to enjoying your holiday with your loved ones.