Some Medical Issues that can be treated via Telemedicine:

Upper Respiratory Symptoms
Sore throat
Strep throat
Sinus pressure / Sinus pain

Cold sore
Mouth sore
Pink eye

Urinary infection 
Yeast infection 
Minor skin infections


Joint Pain / Swelling
& More

We do not treat children under the age of 2

Call 911 if you are experiencing a life-threatening medical condition

Additional Notes to be made regarding Telemed:

  1. Provider should use their professional judgement to decide when continuing with the telemedicine visit is appropriate
  2. Medical emergency issue such as Sever shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, new onset slurred speech, etc. , the patient should call 911 and not wait for a telemedicine visit.
  3. No procedures such as laceration repair, abscess drainage can be performed over a Telemedicine visit.
  4. An in person exam may ultimately be required depending on what the telemedicine complaint is and requires to be treated appropriately, ie. An X-ray .


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