Avoiding Common Summer Party Injuries and Illnesses

Summer party celebrations, such as the many that happen nationwide during Labor Day Weekend, mean plenty of outdoor get-togethers and BBQs. These events often include outdoor games and activities, tables overflowing with food, a cooler full of drinks, a hot grill and maybe a bonfire and sparklers for when you are feeling festive after sundown. Summer Party

As you prepare to host or attend your next cookout, keep these tips in mind to avoid some common summer party injuries and illnesses.

Summer Party Injury 1: Heat

The sun is the main cause of heat-related illness. During hot days, a person is at an increased risk of suffering heat stroke, dehydration, and the effects of overexposure such as sunburn or sun poisoning.

If you are planning to spend an extended period of time outside, take necessary precautions to avoid  heat-related illness. Wear breathable and light colored fabrics, apply sunblock regularly, drink plenty of water, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight when possible.

Summer Party Injury 2: Fire

Whether you are grilling, sitting around a bonfire, shooting off fireworks, lighting candles, or running around with sparklers, be sure to handle fire sources properly. Do not leave grills or bonfires unattended and avoid touching hot surfaces and cooking utensils without proper protection. In case of fire emergencies, always have a source of water, a fire extinguisher and a bucket of sand available. Fully smother any embers to avoid them catching and reigniting.

Summer Party Injury 3: Food

Bacteria grow most rapidly in high heat and can double in amount in as quickly as 20 minutes. If temperatures exceed 90 degrees, food should not be left out more than 1 hour.

Heat can cause food to spoil quickly especially when uncovered and in direct sunlight. Be sure to keep all food in an air-conditioned space, if possible, and away from insects. If you cannot store your food indoors, keep your leftovers in a portable cooler and pack it with plenty of ice or other cold sources. Sickness is commonly caused during BBQs is through cross-contamination of uncooked meat and undercooking chicken and beef.

Summer Party Injury 4: Sports and Activities

Summer parties are meant to bring people together outdoors and a main focus other than food is usually around an activity. Whether you are playing cornhole, kickball, volleyball, swimming, or just running around in the backyard, this increase in exercise can put you at a greater risk of injury while participating.

Before engaging in sports, stretch properly to prevent pulling or straining any muscles. Should you pull a muscle, experience a sprain or possible fracture, avoid moving that part of your body and ice and elevate the area immediately. Visit your nearest Immediate Care for x-rays and treatment as soon as possible.

Summer Party Injury 5: Bugs

Insects are popular guests at every party. Some insects, such as mosquitoes, can carry diseases that can ruin the fun. Others, like bees, can cause potentially deadly reactions for those with allergies.

Keep the insects away by wearing insect repellent, keeping food and beverages away from the main sitting areas, and light citronella candles.  If you are allergic to bee stings, carry your medication with you at all times. If you are concerned about allergies or are unaware of allergies you may suffer from, visit Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of Hazlet for an allergy test and treatment plan if needed.

Summer Party Injury 6: Cuts and Lacerations

Unexpected accidents can happen at any time. These episodes can result in cuts and lacerations that may require wound treatment and/or sutures. When people have sweaty hands and are using sharp knives or handling glass bottles, a person could unintentionally slice their hand open or break a bottle; creating safety hazards.

If you or someone else cuts themselves, apply pressure to the area. Then, go to any Immediate Care location to have the wound cleaned properly. This will aid in preventing infection and your wound can be stitched closed professionally.

Treat Summer Party Injuries Today

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