Recommendations for Keeping Your Health Resolutions

Get fit and get healthy. Every January we see health improvement among the top resolutions people make every year. However, by February, a staggering 80% of people have already given up on their goals and retreated back to their old, unhealthful ways.

Read our tips to increase your chance of being successful with your resolution of improving your overall health.

The key to keeping your resolution is to make slow adjustments to your daily routine instead of numerous large changes all at once. There is a greater chance of being successful with your New Year’s resolution if you consider it a “lifestyle change” instead of a short-term goal. Here are the top items you should focus on to enhance your overall health.

  • Get Moving: If you are new to exercise, start out slow by taking the stairs and getting up more often throughout the day to boost your step amount. If you already workout regularly, try a new form of exercise or increasing your routine. Set short, achievable goals for weight loss and build up your activity one week at a time.
  • Get Enough Rest: Each night should consist of 7 – 8 hours of sleep. Not getting enough shuteye can increase your appetite, weaken your immune system, and impair your judgement and memory.
  • Drink More Water: Throughout one day, you should drink eight 8 oz glasses of water. Staying hydrated can help boost your metabolism, decrease your appetite, and lower your risk of bladder cancer and kidney stones.
  • Improve Your Diet: To make lasting changes to your weight and health, make adjustments gradually instead of all at once. Start by introducing more fruits and vegetables to your daily food intake and progress to switching to low-fat dairy, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Decrease Your Stress: Stress can result in many negative health problems. Try performing breathing exercises or meditating to bring down your stress levels and lower your anxiety.
  • Visit Your Primary Physician: You should see a primary doctor yearly for preventative screenings, make updates to your health records and to review any ongoing medical conditions. If you are in the East Windsor or Marlboro area and are looking for a primary care physician please contact CentraState Family Practice of East Windsor or MarlboroServices include routine exams, coordination of care, immunizations, behavioral screenings and health counseling for all ages.

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