Help Close the Gap on the Summer Blood Shortage in NJ

On August 24, Immediate Care Medical Walk-In will host a blood drive at their Lacey and Brick locations. Due to the critical need for blood each year in July and August, Immediate Care has collaborated with Central Jersey Blood Center, a nonprofit blood collection and distribution organization, to contribute to the urgent need of blood in New Jersey.

The blood drive will begin at Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of Lacey, located in the Lacey Medical Arts Building, at 833 Lacey Rd, Forked River, from 9AM-11:30AM and will then move to Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of Brick, located at 8 Brick Plaza from of 2PM-4:30PM. Each person who makes a blood donation will receive a $10 Exxon Mobil gift card.

“Most people enjoy many summer activities, but summer is also a time of increased trauma incidents, and other mishaps that result in a desperate need for blood,” explained Karen McGowan of Central Jersey Blood Center. “Right now we are facing a frightening shortage of blood. Our local and national blood supplies are dangerously low and no substitution exists for human blood as it cannot be manufactured. We are very thankful for all our regular donors who help us maintain an adequate blood supply year round, but we are facing a crisis that needs the public’s immediate help,” continued McGowan.

To be eligible to donate blood, the donor must be at least 17 years old and weigh at least 120 pounds. A person may not make a donation if they are a carrier of HIV/AIDS, have cancer, hepatitis, organ failure, use drugs, or are in the military.