Summertime is here, which means that more people will be spending time outdoors. However, high-heat conditions can be dangerous without proper preparation. Planning for a day in the summer heat appropriately can help prevent sunburn, sun poisoning, and dehydration.  

If you are sunburned, be sure to visit an Immediate Care location as soon as possible to check for sun poisoning. Sunburns can also potentially become infected if left untreated. During your visit, a medical professional will examine your burn for blistering, swelling and discoloration. The provider will advise on treatment for the symptoms as well as recommend or prescribe a topical cream for the burn to prevent infection and promote quick healing.

4 Tips for Beating the Summer Heat:

  1. Apply and Reapply Sunscreen: Wearing the proper SPF will help prevent sunburn and sun poisoning by reducing the harmful impact of UV rays from the sun. Apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outside and apply the same amount every two hours if still outside. When swimming, add extra sunscreen to your face, as the sun will reflect off the water and your face will be exposed to twice the amount of sun.  After exiting the watering and drying off, be sure to put on more sunscreen as well. Remember that water resistant sunscreen is not the same as waterproof.
  2. Spend Time in the Shade: While the warmer weather makes us want to be in the sun especially after being cooped up all winter, be cautious of your amount of UV exposure. Stay cool and take a break from the sunlight by spending time in the shade. This will also decrease your chances of sunburn.  
  3. Stay Hydrated: Simple physical activities, such as walking, can be exhausting in high-heat conditions. It is important to drink water frequently to help the body sweat and cool itself down throughout the day. Try to avoid beverages high in caffeine and sugar.
  4. Wear Light Colors and Fabrics: Dark colors attract the sun and absorb more heat than light colors, with black absorbing the most heat of all. Wearing lighter shades and materials that are more breathable will allow you to remain cooler and more active.