Winter Health Tips

Tips from Immediate Care Medical Walk-In of Red Bank

  • Dress in layers to keep warm and prepared.
  • Never put children in car seats with bulky coats, use a thin fleece or jacket and blanket, if needed.
  • Use nasal saline and humidifiers for dry noses or airways with dry heated air, can prevent nosebleeds.
  • Make sure both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are is working condition with new batteries.
  • Avoid the use of space heaters, as they are both burn and fire hazards.
  • Avoid shoveling snow if you are unsure of your physical health or have a history of heart issues.
  • Be aware that frostbite can take only a few minutes to occur and if you note pain in fingers or toes, fatigue or shivering- it’s time to go inside immediately and be evaluated by a medical professional.
  • Winter sports such as sledding, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and snow shoeing can be a great way to avoid winter boredom and stay fit. Dress appropriately and never go alone.
  • Continue to moisturize your skin ever day as winter dryness occur, hydration with water also is imperative.
  • Get creative with winter cooking- many comfort foods such a stews and soups can be found in a healthy version with online recipes.